The 18 best books to read if you want to achieve more success in life

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  • Reading books can be a great way to help you achieve more success in life.
  • From self-help to memories, we rounded up the best-selling books that can change your life.
  • These books can help you form better habits, improve your relationships, and learn to lead.

Whether you are looking for guidance in navigating your 20s, learning to invest or moving on in your career, books are a very accessible way to continue your education in any subject.

Of course, “success” is a topic that readers tend to seek out a lot. The self-help genre is full of bestsellers, covering everything from forming good habits to learning to lead, written by everyone from well-known politicians and CEOs to psychologists who have dedicated their careers to studying a subject.

Below, we outlined some of the most popular self-help and personal development books and memoirs that can help you have more success in life, from managing your money to adjusting how you approach problems. We also included reviews from Amazon customers who found the books useful for making big changes in their lives.

18 best-selling books to help you have more success in life:

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