The 4 best caravan rentals in 2021

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a motorhome and a motorhome?

Motorhomes and motorhomes both generally fall within the general definition of a motorhome.

ONE camper is usually larger, built on a bus or truck chassis and has a partition between the cab and the living quarters, which includes comfortable sleeping, cooking and bathroom facilities.

ONE caravan is generally smaller, typically without boundaries, and usually more basic. Many were not originally built to be self-contained homes and have been specially adapted and furnished to serve this purpose.

Are all caravans the same?

Customers can choose from a range of equipped vehicles, some with very basic amenities and some with rockstar levels of comfort, but all offer flexibility, economic benefits and control over the traveler’s own environment. It is difficult to specify exact fuel economies for each type, but for average-sized motorhomes, about 20 miles per gallon is a good working average.

“Caravans offer large mileage and can access the more restricted roads (which may be inaccessible to larger motorhomes),” said Kirby Sandberg. “They also offer great maneuverability and visibility when you drive, and you save a lot by having the option of camping instead of booking in hotels.”

What types of motorhomes are there?

Basic equipment / converted caravans: These are vans for general use such as Ford Transit, which were not built for camping, but which have been rebuilt. Additions usually include basic sleeping accommodation and storage for camping or cycling equipment, with more exclusive models including a small kitchen or galley with fridge, sink and running water. Compost toilets and propane heated shower accessories for outdoor showers are also possible.

Custom-made caravans: These are usually newer generation products built with the intention of being sold to travelers. They tend to be more luxurious with upgraded fixtures and fittings, made of comfortable materials and have nicely integrated electronics and plumbing facilities. Upper level versions also have dining areas and full bathrooms with shower. Brands of these include Winnebago, Volkswagen and Airstream.

High-top equipped motorhomes: These vehicles typically come with a higher roof that has either been factory fitted to the original vehicle or extended as part of a conversion. Think of this as an extra “attic space” that can be used for sleeping accommodation, storage space for camping or adventure equipment. Some variants include pop-up or semi-rigid tops, as well as those that are compatible with roof tents.

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