The artist behind ‘Bitcoin Angel’ struggled to pay off his mortgage 5 years ago and reportedly earned $ 4 million in one day selling NFTs | Currency News | Financial and business news

Bitcoin Angel open edition
“The Bitcoin Angel” by Trevor Jones.

  • British NFT artist Trevor Jones could barely pay his bills five years ago.
  • Now with NFT sales rising, Jones has made millions in just one day, the Guardian reported.
  • A breakup with his girlfriend followed by a traditional art education pushed him towards NFTs.

Just five years ago, Trevor Jones could barely pay off his mortgage.

So in 2019, he started making non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, and he hit the jackpot, according to a story from The Guardian on November 6th. His well-known piece “Bitcoin Angel”, for example, was sold for $ 3 million in cryptocurrency.

“I went from having to borrow money from friends to pay the bills to earning $ 4 million in one day,” he told the news media.

Before being thrown into crypto-fame, Jones told the Guardian that he grew up in a harsh forestry community in western Canada before moving to Edinburgh, where he worked at Hard Rock Cafe as a waiter. In his early 30s, he and his girlfriend broke up, and he went through a crisis that made him go to art school, the Guardian wrote.

In 2012, he began putting QR codes into his artwork that would lead people to a digital gallery. While the idea was meaningless to many viewers, he began to attract an online follower, according to the article.

Seven years later, he began transforming his paintings into short videos that could be sold as NFTs. And now, 51 years old, he is the most successful NFT artist working in the UK, the Guardian wrote.

Jones is known for taking famous works of art and adding a crypto twist. For his “Bitcoin Bull” from 2020, he took inspiration from Picasso’s bull and added bitcoin and Twitter logos. It was sold to crypto collector Pablo Rodriguez-Frail for $ 55,555.55.

In the past, Jones has hinted at the potential for the NFT market to continue to grow and perhaps even make the traditional art market shut down. In the third quarter alone, NFT sales rose as much as 704% to $ 10.7 billion.

“This digital art market is only heating up, and it could easily take over the $ 67 billion physical art market in the not-too-distant future,” he told Insider earlier.

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