The best of 2021 – Combine Canva and TeacherMade to create online activities

As I do every year, I take this week as a break from publishing new blog posts and will republish some of the year’s most popular posts. Here is one from May.

Canva offers nearly two thousand spreadsheet templates that teachers can copy and modify. All templates can be downloaded as PDF files. You can print them out and give them to your students to complete. But who wants another thing to have to print and keep track of? So instead of printing worksheets made with Canvas templates, download the PDF and then upload it to TeacherMade, where you can quickly turn the PDF into an online activity.

With TeacherMade, you can upload a PDF and then add fill-in-the-blank text boxes, lines for matching activities, multiple-choice questions, and interactive hotspots to highlight specific points in the PDF. You can also use TeacherMade to add audio to an uploaded PDF. Depending on the type of question you choose, TeacherMade will automatically score tasks for you.

Watch my latest video to see how you can use Canva and TeacherMade together to create online spreadsheets for your students. The video also shows how a student can access the online activities that you create with TeacherMade.

You can learn more about using TeacherMade in this video and in this video. I also have almost two dozen Canva tutorials listed here.

Applications for education
I’m always scared to write about worksheets because a lot of people hear or read “worksheets” and think it’s just a time-filler for rote training. Canva offers worksheet templates that are not just memorization activities. For example, in the video above, I used a spreadsheet template to evaluate writing. As you browse Canvas’s template gallery for spreadsheets, you’ll find plenty of templates that have a similar goal of providing guidance for an activity instead of memorizing skills or facts.

What I have always appreciated about Canva is that it allows people like me who do not have a natural ability to graphic design to create beautiful graphics, presentations and PDFs. As I looked through Canvas templates for worksheets, I found plenty of templates that I would address if I was teaching social studies or language arts today. Unfortunately, I did not see any good templates for computer science, so I will have to make my own.

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