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An engraved cutting board, a family sign hanging on a wall and a tea towel
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If you are looking for a personalized gift to give as a housewarming gift, these choices on Amazon are thoughtful and meaningful.

Buying a new home is an exciting time for people! As a friend or family member, you will probably want to express your enthusiasm for the new homeowners with a meaningful gift. While candles and bottles of wine are always appreciated, it is nice to give someone a gift that has a personal touch. The items can all be personalized and are super convenient to order directly from Amazon.

A personal doormat

A doormat that reads "The Wilsons"

Or something

When someone shows up at a home, a doormat is one of the first things they see. A personal doormat is a great way for someone to create a warm and friendly welcome for everyone who shows up at their house.

This one has plenty of customization options to make it completely unique to each home. Choose from 10 different fonts and add up to three lines of text with a last name, a welcome phrase or whatever else makes sense to the recipient. The back also has non-slip PVC backing to keep visitors safe in slippery weather.

A family sign

A white family sign and a black family sign hanging on a wall

MRC Wood Products

The most important part of any new home is the people who live there. Always keep this feeling in mind with this framed family sign. Handmade by a family-owned company, this sign is made of solid poplar wood that is both sturdy and beautiful.

The custom text is printed directly on the wood, allowing the product to last for years without peeling or fading. You can customize the last name itself as well as the first names of everyone in the family. You can also use the second line for a different bit of text if you want. The background color, frame color and size of the sign can also be customized.

A monogram cutting board

Two cutting boards engraved with family names


Are there others who feel they spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house? Whether it’s the case for your gift recipients or not, this wooden cutting board is a great housewarming gift.

This sturdy board can be engraved with one of four beautiful designs, each showing a surname, first names of your choice and a special date. You can also choose between three different types of wood and three different sizes of cutting boards. The final product is guaranteed to be a unique addition to anyone’s new home.

Monogrammed wooden pieces

A stack of wooden pieces engraved with the letter B


Any new homeowner will be extra careful with their furniture, especially if they have just purchased new for the home. The custom wood preservatives help them keep their tables protected while adding a personal touch to their home or apartment.

Like the cutting board above, these table protectors contain a family name, the first names of your choice and the date of importance. This could be the year a couple got married, the date they moved into their new home, or another date that means a lot to them. You can also choose how many coasters come in each set, from four to 200.

A handwritten recipe cutting board

A cutting board with a recipe engraved and a woman cooking in the kitchen


For an even more meaningful cutting board, choose this that can be engraved with a family member’s recipe in their own handwriting. Just take a picture of a handwritten recipe that has a special meaning for the gift recipient and it will be engraved on this cutting board in exact detail.

Choose between three different types of wood and three different board sizes. You can also add an extra engraving on the back if relevant to your recipient. This is a very special gift that will definitely be appreciated forever. By the way, if you love this type of super personalized gift, check out all these Etsy stores that make similar handwriting gifts.

A monogram house poster

Two metal address plates with monogram

Comfort house

Many homes do not have well-established address signs that can create confusion for neighbors, courier drivers and anyone else unfamiliar with the location. A monogrammed metal sign will be greatly appreciated by a new homeowner.

This sign comes in a rustic design that fits well into any home. It can be personalized with an address and a single letter monogram as the first letter of the surname. You can also choose from eight different color combinations to find a sign that fits perfectly with your recipient’s new home. It is a gift that is both personal and practical.

Monogram tea towels

Two embroidered tea towels

Canary Road

Towels will always be a necessary part of a home and they can be a fun way to add unique details to a kitchen. This personalized tea towel can be designed with a monogram initial and optional full name line and date below. You can buy a single towel or set of two, three, four, six and ten.

The towel itself is made with a waffle weave, which is excellent for absorbing water and cleaning up clutter. No one can have too many tea towels and this is a perfect addition to a new home.

A warm monogram sherpa rug

A tan sherpa rug

GaverTil DigNu

Just as no one can have too many tea towels, no one can have too many blankets. This sherpa rug can be personalized with an embroidered name on the corner that adds a unique touch to the gift.

The rug itself measures 50 by 60 inches and is the perfect size for two to share. One side is made with a golden brown micro mink fabric, and the other is a beige sherpa material of imitation lambswool, which makes it all the ultimate cozy accessory for the home. Choose from 13 different colors for embroidery and a name of up to 20 characters.

A good housewarming gift is useful and adds a personal touch to a new home or apartment. From address signs to cutting boards, these gifts will be appreciated by any new homeowner.

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