The Humble Bundle has raised $ 200 million for charity thanks to generous players

If you play video games on your PC, there’s a good chance you’ve bought something from the Humble Bundle at some point in your life: a digital storefront that regularly advertises time-limited, pay-what-you-want game packages, each of which allocates a slice of the proceeds to charity. This week, the company announced that it has now raised more than $ 200 million for charity around the world – so: well done, gamers.

The Humble Bundle concept first appeared in 2010, pioneering the indie game studio Wolfire Games, but was quickly split into its own unit with a dedicated store and publisher subsidiary, Humble Games. Now the company offers bundles for books, comics and software as well as a monthly subscription service, Humble Choice. The company recently raised more than $ 1.17 million for COVID-19 relief initiatives through its Humble Heal bundle.

“Today we are pleased to announce that since the very first batch in 2010, tens of thousands of you have now helped raise a total of $ 200 million through your humble purchases, resulting in unparalleled support from the global gaming community for key social reasons, ”the company wrote in a blog post.

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