The Mormon Church’s $ 100 billion fund added its Tesla stake and made a profit in Nvidia last quarter

Mormon Church
  • The $ 100 billion Mormon Church fund added Tesla shares and trimmed Nvidia last quarter.
  • Ensign Peak Advisors is the Mormon Church’s equity arm and has $ 48 billion in stock.
  • These are the biggest changes the investment fund made in the third quarter according to its 13F.

The $ 100 billion Mormon Church investment fund trimmed its stake in high-flying Nvidia while buying more Tesla shares last quarter, according to the latest quarterly 13F application.

Ensign Peak Advisors is the equity fund of the Mormon Church Investment Fund and owns about $ 48 billion worth of shares. 30th of September. The more than 50-year-old fund has relied on donations from its over 16 million members to build its investment portfolio.

The portfolio owns hundreds of stocks, and its top stocks show little difference from the S&P 500, with Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook being the top five positions.

But the fund is not passive, as stocks like Intel and Thermo Fisher Scientific round the 12 best holdings in market value, even though they rank much lower in the S&P 500.

These are the five biggest changes Ensign Peak Advisors made in the third quarter, according to 13F data compiled by WhaleWisdom.

1. Added to Tesla

Market value: $ 462.7 million
Change in shares:
+35.402 (+6%)
Estimated average price paid:
$ 647.45

Tesla SuperCharger

2. Trimmed Nvidia

Market value: $ 629.6 million
Change in shares: –
443,451 (-12%)
Estimated average price paid:
$ 259.16

A sign is erected in front of Nvidia's headquarters on May 10, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.
Nvidia Headquarters in Santa Clara, California

3. Added to AMD

Market value: $ 34.6 million
Change in shares:
+209,282 (+164%)
Estimated average price paid:
$ 82.83


Acquisition of SPDR Biotech ETF

Market value: $ 37.7 million
Change in shares:
New position
Estimated average price paid:
$ 125.71

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5. Trimmed Disney

Market value: $ 333.1 million
Change in shares: -517,992 (-20%)
Estimated average price paid: $ 144.78

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