The Vancouver Police Department wants your photos and videos from the Breakout Festival riot

The Vancouver Police Department has a online portal to collect photos and videos in their research on a revolt which broke out on Sunday at a music festival at the PNE Amphitheater.

The violence started after American rapper Lil Baby made his headline performance on the Breakout Festival at the last minute. In a post on Instagram, the artist said his “body is completely disabled” due to a punishing tour schedule.

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A riot breaks out at the PNE Amphitheater on Sunday after the music festival’s headliner is cancelled

According to PNE management, more than 4,000 of the 5,200 fans in attendance left the venue, but about 1,000 were left behind and rioted, causing “hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.”

Numerous videos posted on social media show festival-goers vandalizing displays, throwing trash cans and knocking down tents.

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It is this kind of material that the police are now trying to collect.

“We are asking anyone with video or photos of violence, destruction or other criminal acts to submit the video or photos here,” the police said when launching the evidence portal.

Click to play video: 'Rion erupts at PNE after music festival headliner Lil Baby cancels show'

Riot erupts at PNE after music festival headliner Lil Baby cancels show

Riot erupts at PNE after music festival headliner Lil Baby cancels show

The technique is a technique that the Vancouver Police Department has some experience with.

Following the 2011 Stanley Cup uprising after the Vancouver Canucks lost in Game 7 in the NHL final, police set up a similar evidence portal, collecting thousands of photos and videos.

That evidence led to charges against some 300 rioters, with all but 16 of the accused pleading guilty.

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PNE Stands Behind Its ‘Very Good Security Plan’ For Vancouver Concert That Ended In Riots

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Vancouver police arrested seven people on the night of the Breakout Uprising and have assembled an investigative team to gather additional evidence.

The PNE has defended its security plan for the event, saying it had a “full security contingent” at the site on Sunday, developing a modified security plan in conjunction with the Vancouver Police Department, who also had several officers present.

It said it will also look into what happened on Sunday to determine if improvements can be made and remain in contact with the concert promoter to ensure repairs are completed quickly, both on PNE’s premises and elsewhere if necessary. .

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