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Pixel 6 with the Google Assistant logo.

Continuing conversation is one of the best and most convenient features of Google Assistant. When enabled, it intelligently lets Google listen for follow-up questions, creating a conversation dynamic that is faster than repeatedly yelling “hey Google.” But over a week ago, Continued Conversation stopped working on Pixel 6 and older models of Pixel phones – and there is no solution.

This issue was first reported by 9to5Google on November 16th, but it’s been circulating around r / GoogleAssistant and r / Pixel_Phones subreddits since November 7th. Pixel owners say Continued Conversation just stopped working on their phone one day, even though the feature still works on Samsung devices, OnePlus phones, Nest speakers and other hardware.

While most users report seeing this issue on Pixel 6 and Pixel 5 handsets, we have encountered a few complaints that Continued Calling does not work on Pixel 4 Series phones. Older models of Pixel never got the feature, so they remain unaffected.

Unfortunately, we are not sure if this is a software issue or a server-side issue. The Google app has undergone several updates since November 7, which seems to indicate that servers are to blame, although it is possible that Google introduced this issue with an update and simply has not fixed it yet.

If Continued Conversation does not work on your Pixel device, then you are SOL at the moment. Restarting your phone or changing the Continue Call feature in Settings will not bring it back to life. Let’s see how quickly Google can resolve this issue while juggling and all the other Pixel issues it’s encountering this month.

Source: 9to5Google, r / GoogleAssistant

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