This Nest Mini and GE smart plug package is down to just $ 25 before Black Friday



Whether you want to get into the smart home world or want to expand your current setup, you will not want to miss this deal at Lowe’s. For a limited time you can put a Nest Mini (2nd generation) with a GE Smart Plug, all for only $ 25, which is $ 35 less than if you bought the two units separately. This is coincidental same price as Lowes and others have the Nest Mini smart speaker to themselves, making it an even better deal.

The Nest Mini is a great smart speaker that brings Google Assistant to any room you place it. You can ask Google about the weather, local news, create timers or alarms, and more. It can also be used to control your smart home devices, such as the included smart plug, so you can turn on and off devices of your choice remotely. These can be set to run on a schedule, or you can trigger them with voice commands at any time.

“[If] you want Google Assistant to run your smart home at a great price, I would fully recommend it “, wrote Molly Price in her review of Nest Mini.

While the Nest Mini comes in both chalk (light gray) and charcoal (darker gray) colors, this bundle is only available with the chalk Nest Mini.

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