Thomas Tuchel has shown Ralf Rangnick how Manchester United can solve Cristiano Ronaldo’s case – Casey Evans

Manchester United lost a night on Monday to forget against Wolves and besides Phil Jones and maybe David de Gea no player could be satisfied with their individual performance.

This includes Cristiano Ronaldo, who had the captaincy on the night, but it seemed to weigh on him in a strangely subtle show. Ineffective going forward and far too deep to find touchdowns, Ronaldo played on the periphery as Wolves dominated and United did not help build-up as a result.

Although this was one of Ronaldo’s worst games in a United shirt since returning to Old Trafford, it seemed that Ralf Rangnick had no intention of signing the Portuguese striker at any point.

His remarks after the game over Mason Greenwood’s replacement are particularly revealing, as he said: “The question was will I fire Mason or will I take Edi down [Cavani], that was the question.

“We decided to keep Edi as the more offensive, the more attacking of the two on the field. I take Mason off, that was my call.

“We could have done it another way too, but it shows how fans like Mason as a home grown player and, like I said, his commitment and performance were not exceptional, but he was at least one of the better players today. “

The decision to leave Greenwood was met by brothers of United fans in a disillusioned Old Trafford, as he had by that point been arguably the best player on the team and one who was efficient in his use. of the ball.

But Rangnick declined to mention the possibility that Ronaldo was also an option for Bruno Fernandes despite his poor performances.

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Ronaldo has scored a number of last-minute goals this season and has an unmatched reputation when it comes to scoring coupling goals. The reward is often greater than the risk.

But in the last few games his performance levels have dropped and if he does not score the goals he is known for, it soon becomes questionable whether this is actually detrimental to United’s performance as a team.

Reports of an uprising in the locker room will not help the interim boss, but if he aims to improve United’s collective, difficult decisions will have to be made about individuals and who best suits the needs of the team against various opposition.

Whether it’s for fitness or for form, it’s telling that since the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer only Michael Carrick Ronaldo has fallen, which could send the wrong message to the rest of the team.

There should be no room for sentiment, even considering his status and reputation as Rangnick is serious about removing some of the issues that remain in this team. Against a number of opponents, Ronaldo will be a selection that benefits United, but an uncomfortable permit that is not against every team is needed here.

He should be treated like just another member of the United team and his performances should influence whether he is allowed to start.

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Rangnick could do worse than considering how Thomas Tuchel has managed the Romelu Lukaku circus at Chelsea in recent days. The controversial remarks made by the Belgian in an interview with Sky Sports in Italy led to him being left out of the squad against Liverpool last weekend and has ultimately resulted in a gross apology for supporters.

The Ronaldo case does not draw exact parallels, but is a classic case of how no single player can be considered bigger than the sum of the parts of a team and United risk this problem becoming a broader one with an ongoing status quo. t is not to fall.

Lukaku also returned to Stamford Bridge in the summer with high expectations due to his price tag, but Tuchel has never let that get in the way of his ambitions for the team, which is not exactly littered with superstars and whose Champions League wins last season among the team. German was built on a strong team ethic.

Rangnick’s era can be defined by whether he can offer a similar tough attitude to all the underperformers at United, regardless of their status.

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