Tomorrow, the first Friday, is an official working day in the history of the Emirates

Tomorrow, the first Friday, is an official working day in the history of the Emirates



Tomorrow, Friday, the UAE will witness the first working day of the government in the country’s history, within a new weekly working system.

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Expanding the weekly holiday .. the UAE adopts a new weekly work system

Employees of the federal government sector and local governments, with the exception of Sharjah, will begin their work for a period of 4 and a half hours, from 7.30am to 12.00pm, according to the implementation plan of the new weekly work system announced by the UAE Government, and came into force at the beginning of the new year 2022, to be 4 working days, from Monday to Thursday, half working day on Friday, and the weekly holiday on Saturday and Sunday, plus Friday in Sharjah.

From Friday onwards, mosques will start uniting the date of the Friday Sermon and Prayer so that it will be at 1.15pm all year round, and in Sharjah the date of the Friday Sermon, Prayer and Stay will remain on schedule, according to the Hijri- calendar.

The new work system will include the possibility of applying flexible working hours, and the remote work system on Friday in the federal authorities, provided that the federal authorities approve the implementation mechanisms, as required by the importance of the workflow in these authorities.

The new weekly work system will improve the UAE’s position on the business map as a global economic center, as it will contribute to strengthening the integration of the national economy with different economies and world markets.

And it strengthens its important and effective strategic position in the world economy, in particular because the new system of weekly works ensures that the days of exchanges and commercial, economic and financial transactions coincide with the countries taking the weekly holiday on Saturday and accept Sunday.

The adoption of the new system of working days and weekly holidays will support the financial sector, as it will harmonize with working days in international stock exchanges and financial markets, in addition to international banks, and thus the new system will improve the performance of stock markets, banks , insurance companies, and foreign trade of the UAE.

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