Top Senate GOP negotiator credits Trump for promoting infrastructure, even though he has repeatedly lowered it

  • At Biden’s signing of the bill, a top Republican in the Senate credited Trump for promoting the infrastructure under his administration.
  • But Trump repeatedly failed to get the “infrastructure week” going, once rejected a $ 2 trillion deal and now basks GOPs who supported it as Mitch McConnell.
  • Retired Rob Portman also raised eyebrows, saying Biden’s infrastructure law could lower inflation.

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Late. Rob Portman of Ohio, a key GOP negotiator who helped design President Joe Biden’s two-pronged infrastructure law, credited former President Donald Trump for helping promote the measure during his presidency.

“By making infrastructure a real priority in his administration, President Trump fostered the discussion and helped Republicans like me think differently about the positive impact of investing in core infrastructure,” Portman said at the signing ceremony of Biden’s infrastructure deal.

During his four years in office, Trump repeatedly lowered his efforts to address infrastructure. His efforts to lead the “infrastructure week” to no avail become an ongoing joke.

Portman also claimed that the bill, which Biden signed, would help curb inflation by pouring money into repairing roads, bridges, highways and ports – and supporting a battered supply chain in the process.

“That’s why economists say this bill is anti-inflationary, which is so important right now as American families face higher prices on everything from gas to groceries.”

Other Republicans are sending messages that Biden’s policies are causing inflation, and they are more and more optimistic about following that message during the 2022 mid-term period, as top GOP fundraiser senator Rick Scott told The Wall Street Journal.

Trump had expressed interest in pursuing an infrastructure overhaul that stretches back to his campaign in 2016. But he repeatedly failed to get it off the ground on Capitol Hill.

During his last push in May 2019, he stormed out of a meeting with House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, demanding that the couple stop investigating his administration while away from a $ 2 trillion deal . Trump eventually shot it down.

Since the summer, the former president has threatened primary Republicans who helped Biden with a major legislative victory. He recently attacked Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the top Republican in the Senate, as “an old crow” to support infrastructure law. Trump also said McConnell jeopardized the GOP’s prospects for midterm elections by helping get the law passed.

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