Top Stories this AM: Evergrande tries to reassure investors, but citizens obey; United accuses unvaccinated employees; Lewandowski leaves Trumpland

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What is happening today: Conf

  • Back on track? Evergrande is trying to reassure investors, claiming it has resumed work on 46 real estate projects in cities across China. The company published what appeared to be time-stamped images of workers returning to work at construction sites in Guizhou, Shenzhen and near the Pearl River Delta.
  • Evergrande investors sound. Videos shared with China’s Twitter appear to show desperate Evergrande investors confronting staff where a woman pulls a knife out of a boardroom and threatens to commit suicide. “My retirement savings are all in that investment. I have nothing left to live for,” a woman can be heard saying in a video shared with Weibo.
  • Ungrown out at United. United Airlines said it would fire nearly 600 employees for failing to comply with its COVID-19 vaccination mandate. United Airlines has already begun the process of laying off employees, but “will work with people” who agree to be vaccinated, the company says.
  • The plug or no job. She is about to be dropped from her nursing program because of New York’s vaccination mandate. She still does not get shot. While health workers in New York have overwhelmingly opted for vaccination, some choose to lose their jobs instead of getting shot.
  • Corey, out. Corey Lewandowski is reportedly out in Trump World after allegations of unwanted sexual intervention by a Republican donor. A spokesman for Trump told the New York Times that Lewandowski has parted ways with Trump World after the allegations.
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