Trump insults former WH aide Farah, who said he admitted defeat in 2020

  • Ex-Trump assistant Alyssa Farah said he once privately told her he thinks he lost the 2020 election.
  • Trump struck back and reiterated his false claim that the election was stolen.
  • He also insulted Farah, a former loyalist whom he tried to dismiss as a “lightweight”.

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President Donald Trump slammed a former White House official after she claimed he had privately conceded defeat in the 2020 election.

Trump has publicly stuck to his baseless theory that he beat Joe Biden last year, but got the election stolen from him by voter fraud.

But Alyssa Farah, who worked on several high-profile jobs in Trump’s White House, said in a CNN interview over the weekend that Trump once told her he knew he was really losing.

She said: “He told me shortly after he knew he was losing, but then people came around him. They got information in front of him and I think his opinion could really have been changed about it, and it’s scary because he lost. “

The theory of voter fraud has been at the center of his public speeches and rallies, while raising rumors that he is preparing for another candidacy for the presidency in 2024.

Trump attacked Farah on Monday in a lengthy statement, dismissing her as an “incredibly lightweight.”

“I saw this clown on TV say exactly what they wanted her to say, and I saw the lies,” Trump said.

“Was she paid by the low-rated CNN? By the way, as soon as the crime of the century took place on November 3, I knew the election was rigged and stolen, and I never changed my view on it.”

Farah served as a senior communications officer in the White House, the vice president’s office, and the Pentagon during Trump’s tenure. She stopped in December 2020, a month after the election.

She has been publicly critical of his allegations of election fraud in the wake of the January 6 riots.

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