Trump skipped the Biden inauguration after learning Disinvite Plan: Book

  • Trump tweeted on Jan. 8 that he skipped Biden’s inauguration.
  • A new book says he actually came up with the message after learning of plans to disinvite him.
  • Congressional leaders wanted to exclude Trump from the event following the Capitol riots, the book said.

Then-President Donald Trump announced that he was skipping Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration ceremony after learning of plans to exclude him from the event, says a new book, according to excerpts from ABC News and Politico.

The business quoted excerpts from “Betrayal,” ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl’s new book about Trump’s last few months in power.

Trump had announced on Twitter on January 8 that he would not attend the ceremony: “To all those who have asked, I am not going to the inauguration on January 20,” he wrote at the time.

The tweet turned out to be one of his last before Twitter blocked him from the platform due to messages that were seen to have encouraged the Capitol riot.

But according to Karl’s book, Trump had heard of a plan by then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, to exclude him from the event, for fear of a repeat of the January 6 violence in the Capitol.

“McConnell felt he could not give Trump another chance to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power,” Karl wrote, ABC News reported.

“McConnell wanted to get a letter together from the four best congressional leaders informing Trump that he had been disinvited.”

But then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, also a Republican, tipped Trump off about the plan, and the former president announced he would not attend, Karl’s book states.

“Trump apparently wanted people to think that it was solely his decision to become the first outgoing president after an election that failed to run for office since Andrew Johnson skipped the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant in 1869,” “writes Karl in the excerpts published by ABC. .

Instead of attending Biden’s inauguration, Trump left the White House on the morning of January 20 on Marine One to fly to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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