Twitter Blues Nuzzel-like overview of top articles has arrived on iOS

Twitter’s Top Articles feature, which creates a report on articles that are popular in Blue subscribers’ networks, is now available on iOS after the company last week promised it would come “very soon.” It’s been available on Android and the web, but now anyone who subscribes to Twitter’s paid service should be able to see an overview of what people were reading and tweeting about over the past 24 hours.

Top Articles is a kind of spiritual successor to a service called Nuzzel, which provided a similar summary via email. Nuzzel was run by a company called Scroll, and was shut down when Twitter bought the company earlier this year. Twitter said at the time that it planned to bring Nuzzel back, and now its most popular feature is available to anyone willing to pay the price for Twitter Blue. The premium service also gives users extra features like the ability to “undo” tweets or read articles without advertisements.

While Twitter Blue subscribers who miss Nuzzel are likely to be thrilled that Top Articles are now available on all major platforms, it feels like there should be a lite version for those who do not want to pay directly for Twitter.

While it makes sense that ad-free articles would incur subscription costs, Twitter Blue as a whole creates the impression that Twitter pays for basic features that should be available to everyone, no matter what level of Twitter they use. That way Threader (an app that makes Twitter threads more readable by formatting them as articles) announced Monday that it had been acquired by Twitter and that it would be included in Twitter Blue. While this is probably good news for those with Blue, it will not help general Twitter users navigate threads easier to be payment wall.

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