Uber’s shared rides are back with a new name: UberX Share

Uber is bringing back shared rides with a new name: UberX Share. The renewed carpool product is first available as a pilot in Miami.

Uber suspended its Uber Pool carpooling feature in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the company promised earlier this month that it planned to bring shared rides back. Uber prices have risen very recently, so a carpooling option allows the company to offer cheaper costs that could make taking an Uber a more popular transportation option.

On an UberX Share ride, you only ride with one other person (besides the driver) during your trip. Everyone in the car must wear a mask, even if they are all vaccinated. UberX Share tours will have a 5 percent discount, and you will receive Uber Cash if another person is picked up during your trip.

It is unclear when UberX Share may expand, and the company said Tuesday it had nothing further to share about future rollout plans for other cities.

Uber rival Lyft brought shared rides back in July after also suspending the feature in March 2020. Like Uber, only one other rider can participate and everyone must wear a mask. Lift’s joint rides launched in Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia.

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