Valentina White: The undisputed master of money energy

She has ten years of experience running her own accounting firm, Valentina White She sets an example for young people to build a brilliant career in her field. I developed a unique teaching in the book 18 Laws of Financial Energy and became a Master in Money Energy. Her curiosity for learning made it possible for her to work as a speaker Chief Financial Officer In an influential and trustworthy company named white accounting.

Valentina offers innovative and effective financial solutions, by drafting the necessary and sound documents required by individuals and offices. The company seeks to establish long-term relationships with clients and has created an atmosphere of complete trust with its clients. Focusing on the principles of justice, teamwork and commitment, making it one of the pioneers in this field.

We interviewed her at Insights Success to learn about her vision for the company and future plans.

Let’s delve deeper into her mind through this survey.

Briefly describe your professional journey so far.

I remember my first day at my own business: a two-seat dormitory desk. Little Cave is more than just an office. I’m already waiting for my first client call this morning. I had no knowledge in the field of financial accounting and a great desire to do everything very well, to put 200% effort into my work.

I had an overwhelming desire to learn. To learn all about accounting and HMRC penalty appeals, I delved into finances until I started learning all about money in general. She went on to teach financial literacy. I grew up as the company’s chief financial officer and became a master of money power.

What challenges did you encounter along the way?

My job is to work with the Lithuanian community. Here, the biggest challenge has been changing old standards and the wounds left by other companies and correcting the consequences of negative behavioral patterns.

Some accounting firms have left a black spot in Lithuanian society by deceiving citizens, looting their money, stealing their money, and engaging in tax evasion. The naivety, confidence and competence of our citizens were used in the UK.

What big impact have you made in the finance industry?

Lithuanians came to England in search of a new life. And some Lithuanian accounting firms behaved inappropriately and took advantage of the current situation. This form of deception has been used for many years, so the Lithuanians have gained distrust of accounting firms. It seemed to them that everyone wanted to take advantage of them.

This has become my mission – to change the standards of the accounting firm and to give my compatriots asylum and take care of their tax issues in an orderly and open manner. You have given my people a safe place to come out of their own problems and help them find a solution. You have created a clearly organized system, which emits clear values. Not only did we broadcast our mission clearly, but we continued it.

Tell us about WHITE ACCOUNTANCY and its foundations.

The pillar of our organization is nurturing communication with our clients, regardless of their background. We pride ourselves on honesty, mentoring skills, and our ability to share knowledge and help our clients grow.

How does WHITE ACCOUNTANCY enhance workforce flexibility, and what is your role in it?

In 2022, we introduced a new rule in the company: on Fridays, all our employees do not work, but are paid for a working day. 4 working days a week.

We encourage employees to take advantage of Fridays for self-development, professional development, orientation programs, or a relaxing break.

In 9 years of working, there has been a realization that an employee who works less actually works more. This means that when he is resting, he works more efficiently, and his balance between personal and work time is no longer an illusion but a reality.

What do you think about the importance of technology, and how do you benefit from it?

Technology in accounting (and beyond) is all that drives efficient, productive, and profitable business. In my calculations, a properly organized business can generate up to 53% more profits than a business mired in chaos.

What will be the next important change in the finance industry, and how do you prepare for it?

The next stage and a major change in accounting is already underway. Businesses don’t just need accountants. They need partners to grow. Companies are tired of providing basic services because they can already be provided with such basic services by means of technology and a wide range of accounting, spreadsheet and CRM software.

Businesses want financial partners to help them through good and difficult times. Find the right answers for partners who can answer their questions and help their business thrive.

We are preparing for this stage for the third year in a row. We are gradually moving to training, education and financial education platforms. We create a personal growth club for our business clients where business owners will be able to transform their business through their personal transformation.

What are your goals in the coming future?

Our goal is to educate our citizens on the topic of financial literacy, provide them with the means for personal growth, and become unequivocal leaders in the Lithuanian accounting market.

What advice would you give the next generation of aspiring business leaders?

It is not enough just to know. If you’ve read a book, put it into practice.

If you go to a workshop/seminar, put the knowledge and tools into practice.

I listened to a video of an inspiring person; Take one thing from it and apply it to your life.

Whatever you learn, turn everything into your gadget. And one day, you will wake up and look at your life and realize that you are living better than you ever dreamed of.

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