Valve tears down a Steam Deck, but says you probably shouldn’t

Valve tears down a Steam Deck, but says you probably shouldn’t

Valve tears down a Steam Deck, but says you probably shouldn’t

Take a look inside the Steam Deck.


Valve unveiled its Nintendo Switch-like gaming device, called Steam Deck, in July. The portable game console will not be released until December, but in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, Valve looked inside the gadget and explained why owners should not open their own Steam tires.

Under the hood, Steam Deck is not much different from other portable devices. It only takes eight screws to open it and access the battery, SSD storage and everything else. Valve said, however, that once the Steam Deck has been opened, it is weaker and less fall-resistant. Although the device’s components may be readily available, the company said that Steam Deck’s parts were not designed to be replaced by users.

According to the video, the parts of Steam Deck are custom-built, and Valve will in the coming months provide information on how to order parts such as the thumb and SSD drive.

Speaking of storage, the included NVMe SSD drive can work with similar drives, but Valve advised against replacing it. The SSD that comes with Steam Deck is designed specifically for the device, and other drives can cause problems by requiring more power or interfering with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth due to its proximity to these components. The company said people who want more storage space on their Steam Deck should use a microSD card in the available slot instead.

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Valves Steam Deck is a portable, handheld PC


Valve’s Steam Deck can only be ordered from the company’s PC gaming platform, Steam. There are three versions: a $ 400 model with 64 GB of storage, a $ 530 offer with 256 GB and a $ 650 unit with 512 GB. The first Steam tires are scheduled to begin shipping in December, but people placing their orders now will have to wait for theirs to ship after the second quarter of 2022.

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