Video of Campbellton RCMP officer using excessive force is just another example of uncontrolled RCMP abuse

Remember: sensitive content. This video is pertinent, and has been filmed on various news sites (including CBC). I place it because I believe it is important for the public to be aware of the work that the RCMP is doing on its behalf.

According to the CBC, “New Brunswick RCMP has sought an independent review after a video of what appears to be an officer beating a man he arrested was posted on social media.”

The CBC also reports that Chanel Roy, president of the New Brunswick Police Association, said “there is always a context of what happened prior to what was captured on video.”

On June 4, in Edmundson New Brunswick, Chantel Moore was assassinated during a “wellness check” by RCMP and faced no charges. There were also no charges in Rodney Levi’s shooting. “Levi, who was from Metepenagiag First Nation, was shot dead by the RCMP on the evening of June 12 after police responded to a complaint about a disturbance in a house in Sunny Corner, NB”

If we are to trust the RCMP with our security, then we need to be able to trust them. As a New Brunswicker, I find this deeply disturbing.

I have no answers, I’m just a concerned citizen who looks disgusted. Independent investigations are only worth the effort if there are charges in the end. As we have seen in previous cases, this does not happen.

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