Volcanic eruption causes strong currents, tsunami advice for Vancouver Island – Kimberley Daily Bulletin

Coastal BC began Saturday under tsunami advice following a volcanic eruption Friday near the Tonga Islands.

Emergency Management BC issued the warning at 5 a.m. Jan. 15, for the coast and entire Vancouver Island.

No significant flooding is expected, but low-lying coastal areas and beaches could be at risk, according to EMBC, in a warning issued by Environment Canada.

There is a chance of strong local currents. A tsunami is a series of waves. People in coastal areas are advised to stay away from the coastline and follow the instructions of local authorities.

Fire and rescue departments in the province took to Twitter to warn residents that officials were following the data.

The regional warning option on the Saanich Peninsula will be used if action is needed, Sidney Fire noted.

The US Tsunami Warning System shows a magnitude 1 earthquake in connection with the eruption off the Tonga Islands.

Advice was also issued for Hawaii and Alaska.

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