Watch Steph Curry break the NBA 3-point record – and watch the crowd go wild

It’s not every day you can see a 10-year-old sports record fall, but that’s what happened Tuesday night in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Steph Curry of the visiting Golden State Warriors broke Ray Allen’s NBA record for most three-pointers, scoring 2,974. three points in his career.

Curry, 33, lowered the record-breaking early in the match and the crowd, as the clichΓ© says, went wild. Spectators jumped up as Curry’s teammates, his father Dell (a former player and three-point star), Ray Allen himself and everyone else who could possibly come close to Curry, congratulated the NBA star.

“The way he changed the game is almost like how Babe Ruth changed baseball with the long ball,” said TNT spokeswoman and former player Reggie Miller, who is now third on the three-point list behind Curry and Allen. “He has changed the game with the three-point ball. How all 30 teams approach the game is because of number 30.”

Reaction? Oh, that was a little bit.

“Just landed in Dallas to see Stephen Curry break the record, and to make it even better, he did it in the GARDEN !!” tweeted NBA legend LeBron James, who was born at the same Akron, Ohio, hospital as Curry, though four years apart. “WOW CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER !! AMAZING.”

NBA star Kevin Durant is already looking at Curry’s future and tweeting, “2974 ​​… more on the way. Congratulations to the god Stephen Curry.”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also came along and wrote, “Congratulations legend!”

On Wednesday, Curry even thanked his fans. “The dream is coming true,” he said in a tweet. “Also in the garden. Thank you all for reaching out and showing love. It means so much to me and my family.”

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