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Black Friday 2021 is on the horizon and retailers are getting ready to offer some of the best discounts and sales of the year. Although the shopping holiday does not officially begin until November 26, many stores are launching deals sooner than ever.

Best Buy has historically been one of the best retailers to keep an eye on prior to

Black Friday

Cyber ​​Monday
. The store has always offered excellent deals on technology and household appliances, long before the actual event.

Below we have gathered some of the best deals you can get on Best Buy right now and answered any questions you may have to help you prepare for the Black Friday 2021 shopping season.

Best Buy Early Black Friday 2021 Deals

Best deals and sales live now

How to choose the best deals on Best Buy

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  • We compare prices with other retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart and only include the deals that are the same or better (not including promotional discounts that come with using certain credit cards).
  • We research the price history thoroughly to ensure that every deal we show is actually worth your time.

When does Best Buy’s Black Friday sale start?

Black Friday 2021 takes place on November 26, but Best Buy has never waited to offer sales. We often see some of the best discounts of the year from Best Buy starting weeks before Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking for deals to browse right now, the Best Buy’s Deal of the Day section has a rotation with excellent price drops that are renewed daily.

Should I become a My Best Buy member?

My Best Buy membership is free to join and can give you some special benefits – like exclusive membership agreements and free shipping. If you plan to shop from Best Buy at any time of the year, we recommend becoming a member.

What should I buy from Best Buy this Black Friday?

Year after year, Best Buy offers lots of great discounts on every category it sells, and you can expect to find great deals on tech, smart home, gaming, and small home appliances during Black Friday 2021.

It’s never cheaper to shop for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other technology than on Black Friday. Last year, we saw brands like Apple, HP and Lenovo go down to the all-time downturn.

Smart home deals also thrive during Black Friday. From smart robot vacuum cleaners to smart speakers, this is a great time to find the add-on you need for your home. Brands we see on sale year after year include Google, Lenovo, Philips, SimpliSafe, TP-Link and iRobot.

Not only can you spend money finding game titles for every console sold during Black Friday, but older generation consoles also tend to drop in price – usually when they come with controllers and games.

If you want to buy a vacuum, an electric pressure cooker or another small appliance, Black Friday is the time to do it. Best Buy always offers great deals on brands like Dyson, Kitchenaid and Instant Pot, which usually marks low prices all the time.

Can I shop in the best buy near me?

Black Friday shoppers can visit Best Buy sites to take advantage of offers – a stark contrast to Amazon.

Even better: Best Buy offers in-store pick-up and contactless pick-up of curbs in addition to the same delivery options the same day and the next day. This means that if the desired product is in stock somewhere near you, you can just pick it up instead of waiting for it to be shipped.

How does Best Buy stand up to the competition on Black Friday?

Compared to other major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target, Best Buy always offers competitive deals for Black Friday. There is a lot of overlap between offers in these stores, and often there is still something in stock from one retailer if it is in stock at another.

Shopping at Best Buy may be the best option for you if you live close to one to pick up at the curb, or if you are a My Best Buy member with an exclusive discount. Best Buy is also known for offering strong tech and gaming deals – and you may also be surprised by the home and kitchen.

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