When is the next Samsung Unpacked event? It may be in January


Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 FE, shown above, earlier this year, but what’s next?

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Samsung hosted five separate Unpacked events this year, but as we approach the end of 2021, what’s next for the South Korean electronics giant? Although there has been no official word yet on Samsung’s next Unpacked event, say the rumors the company may be ready to hold an event in early 2022.

Samsung announced a lot of products at its events earlier this year. In January (same week as CES 2021), the company took off the covers Galaxy S21 lineup with a standard Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra model. The flagship line was unveiled next door Galaxy Buds Pro earphones and SmartTag object tracking. So in March, Samsung announced cheaper Galaxy A smartphones, followed by new ones Galaxy Book laptops in April.

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The latest product launch from the company happened in August when Samsung unveiled Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2. New opportunities for customize Samsung’s foldable phones was later announced on Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Part Two on October 20th.

When can the next Samsung event be? Will next year bring Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra? What about Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? Read on for everything we know so far. We will update this story as new information becomes available.


The Galaxy S21 FE, shown in this concept rendering, could be Samsung’s next cheaper high-end phone.


When is the next Samsung event?

Samsung has not yet confirmed the date and time of its next Unpacked event, however rumor has it the company could host a launch in January, around the same time as CES 2022.

Samsung first Unpacked event in 2021 was held on January 14, the last day of CES 2021. Assuming Samsung has similar plans in store for 2022, this would place the next Unpacked event somewhere around the second week of January where CES 2022 will take place.

Jon Prosser, the founder of Front Page Tech and a well-known sweetheart (albeit with a mixed track record), however, speculates that Samsung will hold an Unpacked event d. January 4, 2022 where it will unpack rumored Galaxy S21 Fan Edition or FE. This would put the event just a day before the start of CES 2022, which runs from January 5 to January 8.

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Another Unpacked event focused on Galaxy S22 lineup, is is said to be scheduled for February 8th, according to Prosser. Samsung also hosted an event in February of 2020 and 2019, but both were the company’s first event this year. The launches featured foldable phones, earphones and the company’s S-Series with S20 and S10 respectively. Both events were followed by another launch in August focusing on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Watch.

Will the next Galaxy Unpacked be livestreamed?

Many other recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked events have been livestreamed, so it’s likely that the next launch will follow suit.

In January, Samsung’s event was available to watch live on its YouTube page or website. CNET also hosted a live show that started 30 minutes before launch. We’ll update this story with details on how you’ll see the next Unpacked event as the information becomes available.

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When could we see Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22?

Samsung may have unveiled a number of hardware this year, but we’re still waiting for a few new devices from the electronics company. We expect the release of Galaxy S22 lineup and Galaxy S21 FE in early 2022. But we’ll have to wait and see if we get the phones (and maybe a few other devices, like the Galaxy Tab S8) at Samsung’s next event.

In the meantime, check out CNET’s list of the most exciting phones to look forward to in 2022, our Galaxy S22 wish list and how Galaxy S21 could be compared to S22 and S21 FE. For more on Android phones, check out CNET’s review of Google’s Pixel 6 and why you should give Pixel phones another chance. If you’re more of an Apple fan, take a look at all the rumors about the next Apple event, that iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 14.

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