When to see the full wolf moon of January – LifeSavvy

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A new year is here and that means there is a new full moon on the way.

You can grab a pair of blankets, a jacket and a thermos with your favorite hot beverage and head out on January 17th to see the full wolf moon.

The peak of the moon is early in this cycle, coming at. 18:51 ET, and it will rise in the northeast. Of course, visibility will depend on your local weather, and for the exact time of the moonrise in your area, you can check out the old farmer’s almanac moonrise calculator.

As for why it is christened the Wolf Moon, the term – like other monthly full moons – comes from Native American traditions. In winter, the wolves can be heard howling most often during January, and that is where the name comes from. It is also called Center Moon by the Assiniboine people as a way to mark the middle of winter, and other indigenous peoples also have winter-associated names for the event such as the Frost Exploding Moon from Cree and the Hard Moon from Dakota.

If you’re looking for an excuse to light up the fireplace and go outside this month, Full Wolf Moon might be the occasion.

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