Why It’s Hard For Lamar Odom To Watch Khloe On The Kardashians

While Lamar and Destiny just have to keep watching The Kardashians to see how Khloe’s life unfolds, the father-daughter duo is also open to their own series. “Maybe we’ll start a reality show,” Lamar mused. “We’ll have a lot to talk about, a lot to show. Who knows?’

After all, as Destiny points out, there’s a lot more in their family that stands out. “There are so many other sides to me besides taking pretty pictures,” the aspiring model explained. “I definitely want to keep working with socially related, cultural brands. And actually I want to go back to school.”

For now, the pair are gearing up for the Couture Fighting Cancer 2nd Annual Fashion Show on September 24 at MainRo in Los Angeles. Presented by Winnie Stackz and Hair Queen LA, the charity event will benefit cancer patients and Destiny will make her runway debut.

In preparation for her big performance, Destiny got an AquaGold facial from dr. AS David Sadaat next to her father, as well as eyelash lifting and eyebrow laminate by Emily Phelps. “I’m really excited! I enjoyed preparing for the show,” she said. “And I like to spend time with my father.”

As for Lamar? “I’m really proud,” he noted. ‘This is her dream. She wants it.’

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