Why Philadelphia needs to track soon-to-be-named Tropical Storm Ian in the Caribbean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We are at the height of hurricane season and there are currently four named systems and one additional area of interest in the Atlantic. The Delaware Valley needs to keep a close eye on one of these systems, Tropical Depression Nine in the Caribbean. It is expected to intensify and become Tropical Storm Ian by Saturday.

Ian’s path will take it toward Cuba where landfall is possible Monday as a hurricane after which it will then enter the Gulf of Mexico where the extremely warm water in the upper 80s and low 90s will allow strengthening to a possible major storm of Category 3 strength and winds between 111-129 mph.

A second landfall is possible in the Gulf of Mexico by Wednesday where the southern and west coasts of Florida are at currently centered on the track.

It is after Wednesday the storm could take several tracks that would affect us in the Delaware Valley with remnant tropical rains as early as Friday.

Recall it was the very heavy remnant rains from Hurricane Ida over Labor Day 2021 that caused catastrophic and historic flooding in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

It is advised for all of southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to keep updated on the track and development of this storm as we head through next week. We will have frequent updates here and streaming on CBSPhiladelphia.com.

Elsewhere, we watched as Category 4 Hurricane Fiona ravaged Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Bermuda. Now the powerful hurricane is headed toward the Canadian Maritimes where it will make landfall as possibly the most intense tropical cyclone in Canada’s history.

Gaston is a Tropical storm circling the Azores Islands in the north-central Atlantic and expected to weaken and dissipate by early next week.

Tropical Storm Hermine formed Friday evening off the coast of Africa and is expected to be short-lived.

An additional area of interest is in the eastern Atlantic and will be monitored for possible development.

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