Why you should use Android apps in Windows 11

Windows 11 wallpaper with Android robot.

It is finally possible to run Android apps on Windows PCs. But why does it bother? If you’re skeptical of Android apps in Windows 11, we’ll explain why you should try it.

Technically, Windows 11 is not the first time Android apps have been able to run on Windows. Emulators like BlueStacks have made it possible for years, but Windows 11 makes the experience, yes, well. However, that does not mean you know what to do with it. We can help.

Services without desktop apps

Android app in the start menu.

Technology has seen a massive shift towards mobile devices in the last 20 years. Therefore, there are many services that are simply not available on PCs. To use these services, you need a smartphone or tablet.

Using Android apps in Windows 11, you can bridge the gap between your phone and PC. Popular services like Call. Roomba, Ecobee and Eero do not have desktop experiences. You have to stop what you are doing and pull out your phone, which can be very distracting.

It may seem obvious, but this is a very big part of why mobile apps on desktop operating systems matter. Many services are aimed at mobile devices. Now you can get the best of both worlds.

Apps designed for touch screens

Kindle app on Windows 11

Speaking of apps designed for mobile devices, what do they have that not all Windows devices have? Touch screens. Mobile apps are designed specifically to be used with touch, whereas some Windows apps work Okay with touch.

If you have a Windows 11 PC that has a touch screen – especially a Windows tablet – you may find that Android apps work better with touch input. It’s just the nature of how mobile apps are designed. Even the best touch-friendly Windows apps need to think about keyboards and mice.

Android apps in Windows 11 can make your “hybrid” PC even more of a convertible device.

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Mobile games on your PC

Mobile games in Windows 11.

We’ve talked a lot about Android apps, but of course Android game also works in Windows 11. You can finally bring your favorite mobile games into the desktop interface.

While many Android games are designed to work with just touch input, there are also plenty of complex games. There’s a reason people are connecting Xbox and PS5 controllers to their Android devices.

You may not need a keyboard and mouse to play your favorite game for Android, but it’s still more convenient if you spend a lot of time on your PC. And since many games can sync progress, you can also still play on your phone.

Better social media apps

Snapchat in the Microsoft Store

Fortunately, most of the popular social networks now have fully functional desktop apps or websites. Still, you may prefer the mobile versions, and not all social media apps are available on Windows.

Snapchat, for example, has an extreme barebones browser experience. These types of social media services are very strongly targeted at smartphones. If you want the best experience, the experience the developers focus on the most, you want the Android version.

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Android apps in Windows 11 are all about filling in the gaps. You no longer want to be able to access your bank’s mobile app on your PC. You do not need to unplug your phone to check that call message.

Maybe you do not need to use Android apps in Windows 11. These reasons may not be relevant to you and that’s okay. However, it is worth a try if you are curious. There is even much more you can do with this feature if you pill a little extra.

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