Windows 11 control panel will not let you uninstall apps soon

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It seems that Microsoft is doing away with the classic option of removing programs via the control panel, as a new Windows 11 preview build directs people to the Settings app instead.

In a blog post describing the latest Windows 11 Insider preview for the Dev channel, Microsoft kept a little bit of information about the future of the possibility of uninstalling programs. Here’s what the company said: “Links to applications and features in the control panel now open in Settings> Apps> Installed apps.”

Basically, Microsoft is moving people to the Settings app instead of the control panel, which is another step toward phasing out the older method of changing options in Windows.

It will probably also mean that Microsoft will soon phase out the possibility of uninstalling programs from the control panel, as this seems to be the path the company has followed in the past. First, it moves people over to the Settings app, but leaves the functionality in the control panel. Eventually, it drops the setting from the control panel completely, leaving people with only the newer option.

To further emphasize this point, the latest Windows 11 Dev example also moves the Uninstall Updates option from the control panel to a new page in Settings.

The building also includes some minor changes, such as adding snap groups in ALT + TAB and Task View and the required provision of bug fixes.

We will test whether the option to uninstall programs from the control panel is still in this build with a virtual machine and will update the article with our results. If it still exists, we would not recommend getting too attached to it, as it is likely to be phased out soon.

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