Windows 11: How to upgrade without waiting in line

Windows 11 is now available and will be rolled out to millions of PCs worldwide. But as with any new rollout of the OS, it will not happen overnight, and many Windows users will wait a while for the magic upgrade message to appear. Do not want to wait? You do not have to – you can with just a little effort download and install the new version of Windows right now.

However, keep in mind that unlike previous versions of Windows, you may not be invited to install Windows 11 if your machine is not considered capable of its default. That does not mean you can not install the new operating system – Microsoft has said that if you have an older machine, you can access Windows 11, but you must download an ISO file with Windows 11 and install the OS manually. (However, you may not receive automatic updates – you may need to install a new ISO each time instead.)

Now that the update is rolling out, you can check if it has arrived at your machine by going to “Settings”> “Windows Update”. If you have not received the upgrade yet and you want to see if your machine is considered good enough for Windows 11, you can download the Microsoft PC Health App (click here), which should tell you if your machine is qualified.

If it does and you do not want to wait, you can install Windows 11 as follows:

The installation wizard should make it easy to install Windows 11.

The installation wizard should make it easy to install Windows 11.

  • Go to the Windows 11 software download page.
  • To do this easily, use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant; just click “Download Now” and follow the instructions.
  • You can also create a bootable USB or DVD by selecting “Create Windows 11 installation media.”
  • And finally, you can download a disk image (ISO) for either bootable media or a virtual machine installation.

Follow the instructions and you should be good for an immediate installation of Windows 11.

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