Wolverine cannot escape reliving his most iconic death

Warning! Spoilers front to Inferno # 1

In Marvel Comics’ new Hell event, X-Men’s wolverine can not help but relive one of his most iconic deaths over and over again. The anti-mutant organization Orchis has become too strong with the return of Sentinel Nimrod, although the mutants in Krakow have not been able to stop them. Although the island nation has constantly sent teams to try to destroy the Orchis, no one has been successful despite re-emerging and sending the same mutants for each attempt. This includes Wolverine, who has been trapped in a brutal loop that has experienced one of its most brutal deaths several times.

In this first issue of Hell from Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti, it is revealed that Krakoa has already tried sixteen times to destroy Orchis and Nimrod by various means. While a few attempts have involved hiring assassins and sending the alien Brood to do the job, the majority have been deploying the same mutants over and over again. But no matter what they have tried, everything has failed. Nimrod has proven to be too powerful, capable of countering all kinds of abilities and destroying the mutant teams with extreme prejudice. While Wolverine has been a part of the X-Force teams that were sent with each resurrection, the end result has never been beautiful.

Inferno # 1 depicts Krakoa’s sixteenth attempt, in which he saw Nimrod defeat Domino, Omega Kid and Wolverine, as he has apparently done several times before. However, Nimrod burns all the flesh from Wolverine’s adamantium-covered bones, a nod to Logan’s most famous death of the Sentinel seen in Days of the past of the future. As Orchis further reviews the footage from this latest intrusion, it is revealed that they have collected Wolverine’s skeletons, which they now have more thanks to Logan’s vicious circle of resurrection after constantly experiencing one of the worst ways he has ever gone out. in Marvel Comics’ past.

While Krakoa has a stockpile of adamantium they have used to rearrange the metal to Wolverine’s skeleton when he is to re-emerge, they must be running out of the almost indestructible and rare metal. Logan’s former skeletons continue to fall into Orchis’ hands, and there is no guidance on what they can do with them in the future. It is certainly possible that it may all come back to haunt the former Weapon X with the upcoming one X Wolverines death / death event. Perhaps Orchis finds a way to arm the adamantium skeletons down the line and force Wolverine to fight elements from his own former self.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where Krakoa goes from here. Given how the resurrected mutants do not remember the intrusions, it seems that they keep trying until they succeed (despite their inability to learn and adapt to their mistakes). All Krakoa knows is that Nimrod is back online and Orchis must be destroyed. As such, wolverine seems determined to stop them at all costs, even if it means constantly having to relive one of his worst deaths ever.

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