You can buy an AMC movie ticket with Crypto

A pile of Bitcoins
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Cryptocurrency is generally talked about as an investment, but let’s not forget that it is a form of currency that can be used to pay for things. Now AMC, rulers of the meme stock, have started accepting different currencies on its website so you can pay for a movie with crypto.

Currently, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to pay for cinema tickets on the AMC website. According to one tweet from AMC CEO Adam Aron, the company also plans to accept Dogecoin next time.

Although not confirmed, Aron specifically encourages online purchases with crypto, so it does not appear that you will be able to go into your local cinema and pay for a movie with crypto. Instead, you need to buy tickets in advance if you want to use your Bitcoin and other currencies. Even though it makes it a little less exciting, it’s still a great way to spend your money if you do not want to sit on them.

Aaron’s tweet also mentions that the new online payment methods “already account for 14 percent of our total online transactions.” However, he also mentioned accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, so it looks like they are included in that number. It makes it unclear how popular it actually is to pay for movies with crypto, but we expect the number of people using it to be quite low.

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