Your views: on RATs and Ali Clarke’s first InDaily column

Readers have their say on Adelaide’s new RAT rules and the debut of new ones InDaily columnist Ali Clarke.

Comment on the story: Thousands register for free RATs as spike for national COVID cases

What provision is made for reporting positive RAT tests for those who do not have access to a computer at home or who are not of a generation to have a mobile phone and computer?

If you isolate because you have a positive test, you can / should not go to the library to use the computer to meet this requirement.

This is what many people have to do.

Making it mandatory with a computer-based system does not help this part of our community.

How long do you have between receiving the positive result and reporting the result? Some clarifications would be appreciated. – Alison Wytske

Comment on the story: Ali Clarke: My confusing COVID Christmas

So refreshing to read this, though heartbreaking and frustrating, and a valued affirmation of life that we are forced to embrace as best policy that is seemingly available.

I have enjoyed listening to Ali Clarke for such a long time, because she provides upbeat, reliable commentary and a balanced, impartial approach.

If anyone in this position of savvy gets frustrated and keeps busy with the system we are destined to survive, it is deeply worrying and no wonder the masses are confused by the ever-changing rules and lack of accurate information and abuse of the facilities we have at hand.

Quick recovery for you and your family Ali and may we still hear your valued opinion. – John Kerins

We went through a very similar Christmas journey, but did not expect or receive a “care package” and simply served our time without hassle or hassle, fulfilled and now out and largely unaffected, even though our experience was quite unpleasant with significant but manageable symptoms. .

It is a pandemic and the government is doing everything it can, history has shown that governments are slow-moving ships that are not excluded from these situations.

If you benchmark how we have gone compared to 99.9 percent of the world population and government, Ali, we do not have much to complain about.

There are teachings on how to do things better, of course, but in general, regardless of whether it is a Labor or Liberal government, our experience would be similar.

Let us be thankful for the happiness fortunate enough to be such a well-governed and united country with significant wealth and resources to deal with this, compared to the billions who are not so fortunate. – Michael Hart

Too bad you had such a bad Christmas Ali. But because of your experience you have written a great article that I am sure resonates with many people who have gone through the same thing.

I will miss you every morning on ABC 891. You are one of the most down to earth radiohosts I have listened to in many, many years.

Hope you and your family are all well recovered.

Good luck with the new phase of your life. – Jane Williams

Ali, sorry to hear that the whole family got Covid, but good to see you recovered and look forward to reading your future articles in InDaily.

I would agree that the communication from SA Health if you can get over the phone is not good, but the confusing and mixed messages from the federal and state governments have been horrible and you can see the politics at stake.

Having been vaccinated almost 70 and three times, I wonder if I’m really safe for Covid? – Chris Tilbrook

Brilliant article Ali, I just love the way you write.

Some humor sprinkles in among the facts and tells it when it’s approached – just like you sounded on ABC 891.

Will be looking for more articles this year and I keep a hand on the radio button ready to tune in if and wherever. – Sandra Coopman

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