Your Wi-Fi can be felt faster on a Windows 11 laptop-here’s why-Report Geek

Your Wi-Fi can be felt faster on a Windows 11 laptop-here’s why-Report Geek


Microsoft confirms that it is adding Wi-Fi Dual Station support to Windows 11, a feature that will significantly improve wireless Internet performance on compatible hardware laptops, specifically Qualcomm FastConnect modules with 4-Stream DBS. Or in plain English, your crazy Wi-Fi can feel much faster on a Windows 11 laptop.

With Wi-Fi Dual Station support, the Windows 11 operating system can “now utilize two simultaneous Wi-Fi connections” to provide “Ethernet-like reliability and latency” over a wireless network. In most cases, this means that your Dual Station-compatible laptop will use your router’s 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (or 6 GHz) bands at the same time to avoid shaking and congestion.

We expect all kinds of hardware manufacturers to take advantage of the Wi-Fi Dual Station, but Qualcomm is currently leading the charge with its FastConnect systems. In a blog post celebrating the new feature, Qualcomm claimed a 4x reduction in latency when using a Windows 11 laptop with its 4-Stream DBS system with Wi-Fi 6 routers on the shelf.

To our surprise, Microsoft claims that Valve helped develop the Wi-Fi Dual Station system. The company has already added Wi-Fi Dual Station support to the Steamworks SDK, like many games (including CS: GO and DOTA 2) use for networking. Maybe Valve is interested in bringing the feature to its upcoming Steam Deck, like do supports Qualcomm’s FastConnect system. (Although Steam Deck runs a custom Linux distro out of the box — maybe Wi-Fi Dual Station will come to Linux?)

If that’s not enough to convince you of Wi-Fi Dual Station capabilities, AMD and Qualcomm are working together to bring this technology to AMD laptops. Clearly, Microsoft and Qualcomm have developed a groundbreaking solution for wireless Internet delay.

But you probably will not experience this breakthrough for a while. Wi-Fi Dual Station requires a laptop with a FastConnect subsystem that supports Wi-Fi 6 and 4-stream DBS tech. In other words, a high-end PC with a Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 or 6700 module. (You will also need a Wi-Fi 6 router.)

And at the time of writing, your best chance is to buy one of Acer’s new Windows 11 laptops featuring Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 modules. Lenovo says it plans to keep the same modules in future laptops, even though it has not provided a release date or even a general timeline for such products.

Source: Qualcomm via PC Gamer

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