YouTube launches Creator Music licensing center and new revenue-sharing model for Pants . channel

YouTube launched what it called a new “Creator Music” center in its inaugural Made On Youtube Happened in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 20).

Creators can purchase music licenses via Hub, which is currently in beta in the US and will expand to more countries in 2023.

YouTube Creator Music describes it as “a new destination that gives creators easy access to an ever-growing catalog of music to use in their videos, while providing artists and music rights holders a new revenue stream for their YouTube music.”

YouTube also says that creators who choose to license music through the center will “keep the same revenue share they normally make on videos without any music.”

Creators who do not wish to purchase a license in advance will be able to use the songs and share revenue with the artist of the track and its associated rights holders.

Also at the event, YouTube launched what it called a “first-of-its-kind revenue-sharing model” for rival video platform TikTok’s shorts.

As of early 2023, YouTube says it will move away from a stable fund and “double up” what it says is a “unique profit-sharing model” for the Shorts platform for the present and future. YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

YouTube says that each month, earnings from ads played between videos in the shorts feed will be added together and used to “reward short film creators and help cover music licensing costs.”

According to YouTube, of the total amount allocated to creators, they will retain 45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of the total views of the short films. YouTube says the revenue share remains the same, regardless of whether they use music or not.

The platform also revealed at the event that it is expanding its monetization system, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), to allow more creators to join the programme.

Starting in early 2023, creators focused on short films can apply to join the YouTube Partner Program by reaching a limit of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million short film views over a 90-day period.

YouTube will also introduce a new level of the YouTube Partner Program with lower requirements that will provide early access to fan funding features such as Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships.

“When we introduced the YouTube Partner Program, we made a big bet: we only succeed when our creators succeed.”

Susan Wojcicki, YouTuber

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube: “The YouTube Partner Program was revolutionary when we launched it in 2007, and it is still revolutionary today. Over the past three years, YouTube has paid creators, artists, and media companies more than $50 billion.

“This $50 billion has changed the lives of creators around the world and empowered new voices and stories. But we’re not done yet. When we introduced the YouTube Partner Program, we made a big bet: we only succeed when our creators succeed.

“And today, we’re doubling down. We present the next chapter on how we reward creativity on our platform by expanding access to the YouTube Partner Program.”

“This is a pivotal moment for both YouTube and the creative ecosystem.”

Pedro Pena, YouTube

“This is a pivotal moment for both YouTube and the creative ecosystem,” said Pedro Pena, Vice President of YouTube for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “In times of uncertainty, we are bringing more revenue opportunities to more creators and artists across more formats than ever before – all of which helps revitalize A healthy video system is already in the UK.”

“This is the first time that short video revenue sharing has been shown on any platform on a large scale.”

Neil Mohan, YouTube

“YouTube’s first-of-its-kind, industry-leading partner program has changed the game for long videos,” said Neil Mohan, YouTube chief product officer. “And now we’re changing the game again, this time by opening it up to short form creators and introducing revenue sharing to shorts. .

“This is the first time that revenue sharing for short videos on any platform has been shown on a large scale, adding to the 10 ways creators can already monetize on YouTube. It will be available to all those working in the YouTube Partner Program – creators included. who are new to mobile, and who will be joining the program for the first time.”

“We are building a bridge between artists and creators on YouTube to elevate the soundtrack to the creators’ economy.”

Lior Cohen, YouTube

“Creator Music is the future,” said Lior Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube. “We are building a bridge between artists and creators on YouTube to elevate soundtracks for the creator economy; it’s a win for artists, songwriters, creators, and fans. With Creator Music, artists have a new way to bring their music out.” To the world; fans can now discover the music they love on their favorite creator’s channels, and both creators and artists will have new opportunities to make money.”

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